All About Sew Naomi

cropped-image.jpegWhen I fell pregnant with my eldest daughter (born early 2010), I had an unrealistic ideal of parenthood, imagining I would have time to make her beautiful handmade clothes. I bought myself a sewing machine and some patterns, but very quickly realised I wouldn’t have any time to sew.
Fast forward four years and I had a daughter at preschool and another who slept for 2-3 hours every morning. For the first time in years I found myself with time on my hands and a desire to do something creative.
I quickly found I had a natural ability with the machine and a sharp eye for perfection. Following complements and encouragement from my friends and certain family members (you know who you are), Sew Naomi was realised.

Armed with a selection of crayon and pencil rolls, and a few Christmas items, I did my first fair in October 2013 and I haven’t looked back. I take part in local fairs within my village and at local school events, I have organised and have a table at events with Haddenham Makers and Artisans Fair, and I always enjoy participating in Sally Evans Artist & Makers Fairs.